AKG Lyra vs Blue Yeti Which is Best in 2023

Akg lyra vs blue yeti

AKG Lyra is the newcomer in the market and blue yeti is an old one. but the main plus point of the AKG Lyra is it’s coming from the house of Harman

Both the mics are good in there own use case but here we compare the which mic is suitable for which type of Work.

SpecificationsBlue YetiAkg Lyra
Connector USBUSB Type C
Usefull Podcast, YouTube, Voice Recording and lot more Game Streaming,YouTube Streaming Voice recording and lot More
Device Supported Windows, Mac,Android and ios Windows, Mac
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AKG Lyra

AKG Lyra vs Blue Yeti Which is Best in 2023

it’s definitely a new product but AKG is not a new brand. this USB mic is very useful for the people who are looking for the alternative of Blue Yeti. You can use this mic for multiple purposes like Youtube streaming, video recording, podcast, live chat and many more. if you do interviews then this will also work in that because it supports multiple direction input.

  • Multiple arrays of mic that helps to record better
  • USB Type C Support
  • Easly works with video conferencing
  • Looks Are very Awesome and stylish
  • Best for Instrument Recording
  • Aluminium stand
  • USB Type C Connector
  • Four Polar Pattern
  • Works Perfectly For Podcasting and Calling
  • Mute Button doesn’t have notification light
  • Plastic Nob
  • Plastic Body

Blue Yeti

Blue yeti is one of the most popular mics for the content creators with the help of this mic you can do all type of audio recording. This mic works perfectly for voice recording, Podcast, Youtube Videos and lot more.

AKG Lyra vs Blue Yeti Which is Best in 2023
  • Body is metallic
  • Works Perfectly for Youtube or any other audio recording
  • Mic is omnidirectional, Bidirectional and stereo
  • Good Noise Reduction
  • Mute Button Light is present
  • USB Type C is not available
  • Price is expensive